Suspended ceilings can make a big design statement.

Different areas demand different features, or may have specific requirements such as sound absorption, light reflection, fire safety, humidity resistance, hygiene or cleanliness.

There is a wide choice of ceiling tile finishes, sizes, and styles of the grid arrangement.

Suspended Ceilings

Available Options:

  • Grid Ceilings
  • Mineral Fibre Ceilings
  • MF Plasterboard Ceilings
  • Metal Pan Ceilings
  • Exposed and Concealed grid systems
  • Stretch Fabric Ceilings
  • Fire / Acoustic Ceilings
  • Associated products e.g. lighting and air conditioning
  • Plastic faced plasterboard (PFP)

Insulation and Fire Barriers

Applying insulation above a ceiling can be a cost effective way to reduce heat loss, therefore improving energy efficiency and helping to save our environment.

Insulation can also have the added benefit of creating additional soundproofing as sound transmission may often be via the ceiling void above.

We can also supply Fire-Barrier Systems which prevent Fire and inhibit the spread of smoke through ceiling voids and roof spaces.

Insulation and Fire Barriers